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Futility Closet

Jan 21, 2019

In 1978 two families hatched a daring plan to escape East Germany: They would build a hot-air balloon and sail it by night across the border. In this week's episode of the Futility Closet podcast we'll follow their struggles to evade the authorities and realize their dream of a new life in the West.

We'll also shuffle some vehicles and puzzle over a perplexing worker.


In 1993 Tom Peyer and Hart Seely found that Yankees announcer Phil Rizzuto's utterances can be cast as free verse.

Jane Austen wrote three novels on a tiny table in her family's sitting room, subject to continual interruption.

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Listener mail:

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Dave Lawrence posts lists of neural net outputs on his blog, Aardvark Zythum.

This week's lateral thinking puzzle was contributed by listener Peter Wilds, who sent this related link (warning -- this spoils the puzzle).

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